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Hijama – Cupping therapy treated diseases

List of diseases according to the 10th International classification of diseases and injuries treated with Cupping therapy

Digestive system
Stomach colic, hemorrhoids, gastritis and stomach ache, gastric and duodenal ulcers, colon, hard stool, diarrhea, liver and bile

Cardio-vascular system
Heart and blood vessels, improvement of blood circulation, increased blood pressure, blood vessel constriction and atherosclerosis, heart disease, enlarged veins, elephantiasis

Ulcers on the legs and thighs, itching, skin diseases

Urogenital system and hormones
Prostate diseases, sexual weakness of a man, enlarged veins of testicle, kidney disease, night urination

Women’s disease sterility, sexual weakness in women, bleeding of unknown aetiology, menopause, cycle problems in young women, pain after uterine surgery, colic and severe pain during the cycle

Diabetes – diabetes, thyroid gland diseases, hormonal imbalance

Systemic infections and diseases
Diseases of rheumatism, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, pain of all joints, small and large, impaired immunity, food allergies

Malignant diseases

Bone-muscle system
Knee, sciatica, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, muscle cramps, other painful spots on the body

Nervous system
Hemiplegia, quadriplegia, headache, migraine, inflammation of V and VII cranial nerve
(neuralgia of trigeminus and paresis of the facial), leg sweating, convulsion and epi attack, concentration enhancement, improvement of memory, nervousness and irritability,, depression, insomnia, PTSD, S Sensory – senses, speech difficulties

Eye disorders, retina, visual impairment, glaucoma, eye inflammation, narrowing, eye allergy

Diseases of the tonsils and throat, mouth and teeth disorders, sinusitis and rhinitis, middle ear illness, hearing loss, buzzing in the ears,

Respiratory system

Diseases of the lungs, chronic cough, allergies,


Alcoholism, addiction diseases, weight gain, weight loss, squinting, fatigue, quitting smoking, too much sleep, chronic fatigue syndrome, neurodermatitis