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Cupping therapy Podgorica

Cupping therapy is a medical method in which toxic, coagulated blood is extracted using a vacuum. These therapies come from ancient times and include East and West. The oldest forms of vacuum cups were found in ancient Greeks, Persians, Arabs, and also used in the shamanistic practices of autochthonous peoples from the area of China.

The healers have long recognized the connection between pain and congestion, i.e. poor blood flow and disease. And not just pain, most diseases and problems come from poor circulation. Hijama here helps to allow the blood to swell through the whole body and restore the free flow of vital energy.

The Cupping therapy for many people, at first glance, seems “terrible”, but in fact it is a completely safe and non-invasive method of treatment. There was never a single contraindication. It is about detoxification of the entire organism and the cure of certain acupuncture points is achieved. We can say that the hips are a cure for everything. It helps with some diseases and in others it is used for total healing. It can also be used by healthy people to improve general condition and in prevention of disease.

There are countless advantages of cupping therapy for both the body that has been ill and its preventive performance for a relatively healthy body.

Full-time benefits of cupping thrapy can be explained to you by the doctor who performs the hijama. As we mentioned the treatment, the hijama is not painful. Also, they are is not absolutely painless. Only when the skin is skinning feels tingling. It’s best to work with hijama preventively, but it’s more common for us to solve a specific problem. Hijama can treat various diseases with a very high percentage of treatment success. It can work on all parts of the body with clear acupuncture fields. It is not recommended to work on the hindus above the nose, between the eyebrows and the back of the head. People who want to do detoxication of this person with discus hernias, neuralgia, and sciatica are most often coming as our patients. In addition, the hijama show success in a large number of diseases.

Hijama – Cupping therapy primarily works on the basic regulatory system of our organism.

„Primarily works on the basic regulatory system of our organism.

In other words, restoring an optimal regulatory condition and thus guaranteeing homeostasis (health) and the economy of the organism. Treatments that act on regulation can be combined with clinical forms of therapy focused on etiological thinking …

The most important facts in regulatory therapy are:

1.     Eliminating factors that disturb regulation, such as minimal chronic stress, heavy metal accumulation, consumption of recreational drugs, excessive food intake, etc.

2.     Action against possible shortcomings, such as lack of vitamins, enzymes and trace elements leading to regulatory dysfunction.

3.      Breaking the pathological feedback mechanism (feedback mechanism); *

Contact us and schedule the treatment of the cupping therapy on time. We will be pleased to do everything to make you feel better.