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Cupping tharapy – Ordination

Treatment of the cupping therapy is performed by experienced medical worker with certificate.

Our ordination is a modern and well-equipped practice. We have many years of experience.

Since then, we have been do our best to make our patients satisfied and to solve their problem for which they have come to us. We try to keep track of the trends and to improve ourselves from year to year. The strength of our practice is that we have a great team of our associates.


Person with certificate is the only eligible, qualified and legally responsible for the treatment. The cupping therapy can be run by a person who has additional training for the cupping therapy treatment.

The cupping therapy is a medical method and belongs to the domain of small surgery. Making cuts on the skin requires a rigorous application of the principle of asepsis and antisepsis.
Therefore, the use of one-time instruments and sterile materials is mandatory.  Only trained and qualified persons can do it appropriately with the appropriate certificate. Unsuccessful work is not permitted under national or religious laws and norms.

Our clinic has all the necessary sertificates and licenses, as well and a great experience to perform cupping therapy in a quality way.

Contact us and start using all the benefits of this method.